A Message From The Pastor – Not A Country Club October 31 2018


God is moving at New Rock! You wont find us listed in the Country Club section. Are you Looking for a church that is about living out our faith through action? Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ? Are you living your purpose and passion through faith? Join us at New Rock where we are not bound by sticks and bricks, a persons attire, pews or chairs, hymns or contemporary music, all those non eternal things that so often people take on an offense an leave the church while missing the point of exactly what it means to pick up your cross and follow Christ. IT”S NOT ABOUT YOU!  If you’re looking to have your ears tickled, your own parking spot, special brands of coffees, all about pews, believing it is someone else’s responsibility to share the gospel, just wanting to hear another Bible story and to never be challenged? Than New Rock wouldn’t be a good fit for you. However.

If you are seeking a church where we are outward focused, to live out of faith through actions of prayer, devotion, healing, community outreach, love, healthy boundaries, and focused on our personal relationships with Christ that impact the spiritual formation of the entire church body, than this would be that church where you want to worship, serve and discover what plan God has for your life. We are not focused on doing church! We are focused on being Kingdom builders. Picking up our crosses, taking up the cause for Christ, His story is our story. Join us, Sundays 9:30 AM.

Are you ready to be a disciple of Christ? Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines and want to get in the fight for Christ? Are you ready?

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